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The one about roses and boxes

The box of roses you gave me for my birthday has suffered a twisted end.
I forgot to take the lid off and now all eight of them are covered, consumed by mildew.
It hurt a little to see them like that but then it hit me…

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The subzero temperatures

She felt cold. Oh, her little feet were so cold, so blue…they were freezing…slowly…She felt a dancing blue flame surrounding her. Such a cold flame, it was ruthless. It caressed her, lied to her. It seemed welcoming and warm and beautiful and untouchable and mysterious and strong and never-ending and…

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The one about Coldplay and glasses of water

What is it you exactly feel, when you go numb? How do you describe the feeling of nothingness? Of course I know we’re made of 99.9% empty space but god damn it, I came too close to that perfect 100%…

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