The one about the night and noises


Some nights look like thunderstorms…

You go dancing. You go partying. The noise. The Flashes. The people. The colours. Smiles. Smirks. Neon lights. Shots. Claps. Shouting lyrics…

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– Hey, beautiful! What’s up with those sad looking eyes?

– Heartbreak! – You answer without giving it a second thought.

– My, my! So quick to jump to conclusions, aren’t we? – a smirk shows up on my lips. Read more

The one about a friend


I dreamt of you last night.

Only it wasn’t you. It was a distorted image. A memory of a memory of a memory…from the last time I remembered your face. Read more


I get mad. I get mad all the fucking time.
I get mad with the sunlight on my pillow at 6 AM. It won’t fucking leave me alone. It won’t let me sleep.  Read more

Title? What title?!

I read a stupid poetry, by a crazy writer,
The hell he ain’t even a writer…
But, it clicked… Read more