Title? What title?!

I read a stupid poetry, by a crazy writer,
The hell he ain’t even a writer…
But, it clicked…

Two simple phrases and it had me burst out in tears,
It made my eyes look ugly!
But, it clicked… 

My chest began to hurt, it expanded and compressed in a heartbeat.
And I reached out to what I’ve been hiding in a crippling fear,
My paranoid heart…
Oh god, it really did click! 

Am I losing my mind? Have I gone soft?
Why the hell am I writing these senseless lines at 4 o’clock in the morning?
Oh god, why did it click?

There’s a fine layered armour all over my body. But it seems quite fragile tonight.
I didn’t seek to dive in this pool of emotions, goddamnit!
Oh, and I forgot to mention that love makes me sick.
So, why the fuck did it click? 

Yes! Love makes me sick. Makes me pour sugar from every pore of my skin.
I hate that. It interferes with my idea of being me.
And I hate to be wrong too!
But it clicked!! 

So, what? Kill the poet! Stop him from juggling with words.
They ain’t as harmless as they seem! Shush the poet.
Stop him from writing lines that go so deep. Shush the poet. Shush him cause…
He clicks!

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