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The one where you meet your mirror self


Hi, you good looking piece of shit! What pain are you up to this time? Ordering a cappuccino when what you really crave is a Read more

The one about sidewalks and crunched leaves

1…2…3… counting steps. Crunching leaves… Read more

The one about Persephone and The Stockholm syndrome

Ah Persephone, the beautiful goddess of Spring, with a smile as cheerful as the breeze,

Read more



– Hey, beautiful! What’s up with those sad looking eyes?

– Heartbreak! – You answer without giving it a second thought.

– My, my! So quick to jump to conclusions, aren’t we? – a smirk shows up on my lips. Read more

Title? What title?!

I read a stupid poetry, by a crazy writer,
The hell he ain’t even a writer…
But, it clicked… Read more