The one about peace and roller coasters

Just don’t skip your feelings you say…
Don’t be harsh on yourself…

Just pour yourself in a letter, as if you’d die if you didn’t write the thing in your chest… You know what’s the funny thing? I am writing this from the “comfort” of my keyboard. Touching the pen, the letter…is too much for me right now.

Feeling real shit, intensity is too much. Being in a roller coaster for too much time makes you wanna vomit (in case you haven’t already when you are on your 48th lap). So, you decide to get off of that shit…
And finally, you find some peace. Your head is still dizzy. And it is easier than ever to fall on the ground. Do allow yourself the pleasure of being at your lowest, it is liberating. Just like the lightning when it touches the ground. Charging the earth in the process.
So, when you finally manage to balance yourself enough as to get back up…peace returns. Ah, sweet smell of peace. So cool. So ZEN. But, let me tell you the truth…

The simple truth as why peace sucks!

Because when in peace you can hear yourself better. What you really want and what you really need. And the big, big, gap between these two verbs.
And then you freak out. And poof…Peace is gone.
Don’t over analyse shit, you say.
Well if I did not…I would be in peace. But I hate peace as aforementioned. Upsss, we talked about me again. And I hate talking about me even though these last sentences have a lot of ‘I’-s inside.

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