I get mad. I get mad all the fucking time.
I get mad with the sunlight on my pillow at 6 AM. It won’t fucking leave me alone. It won’t let me sleep. 
I get mad with the urge that I have to go piss. I hate the way my bladder feels as if it’s about to explode. It won’t fucking leave me sleep.
I get happy when I taste my morning coffee. Oh but I get sooo mad that I have to have it with boring people !
It’s 8AM and they’ve already started mentioning every fucking person they know. But they don’t know what Zarathustra said. They judge people like little worms they are. They fucking judge everybody. I fucking judge everybody. I get mad when I do so though!
I get mad cause my last sip of coffee tastes like regret and headache. I get mad with my flat screen cause every time I look at it I see the arrogant face of our Prime-Minister. I get even madder when I see the squid-looking eyes of The Leader of our Opposition.
My stomach is killing me…again… I have to eat smth but I get mad with the sandwiches I have to have. They are an insult to my senses.
I get mad with those old ladies that push and pull me all over just to get on the bus. Why the fuck do they hurry so much? This is not a hearse old lady, so what’s up with all the rush? I get mad cause my bottle of water just finished but my thirst did not end.
I get mad because obviously good timing is not an ability I posses.
I hear people calling me. I pretend not to listen. No more judgmental pieces of shit for today.
I get mad when I go home cause It’s too fucking hot and I still haven’t received your good morning sms.

I text you smth and you don’t reply back. Apparently you’re mad too. Ha! You fucking cunt!

You should have listened to me when I talked about Karma the other night…

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