The subzero temperatures

She felt cold. Oh, her little feet were so cold, so blue…they were freezing…slowly…She felt a dancing blue flame surrounding her. Such a cold flame, it was ruthless. It caressed her, lied to her. It seemed welcoming and warm and beautiful and untouchable and mysterious and strong and never-ending and…

Well how cute…That lying flame started to give such an aching feeling, her feet started continuously hurting until they became numb. Trying to run away from that blue flame…But her heart and mind are still racing. Her mind is so full of thoughts, it keeps her up at night. Trying to help her stay alive. And, sometimes when her mind fails and she falls asleep…her heart always wakes her up in the darkest hour of the night. That heart wants to save her. But the flame will take her down. That flame will soon extinguish that special part she once was proud of.
She now knows nothing. The flame changed the way she looks at the world. She now sees in blue. She can’t even figure out who she was and what she has turned out to be. She can only feel the cold. Oh, that flame will extinguish her sparks of madness.

Her dreams of being a great singer, and an unforgettable writer, and an amazing actress, and a slamming guitar player, and an artsy model, and an eccentric clothes designer and…art herself…

But she loves that blue flame so much though. That’s why she doesn’t fight it. She loves the image of that flame so much she lets herself lose, but with what cost? All those dreams seem meaningless now that the flame is burning so bright. The free spirit aches, in chains. And she lets that flame put locks. She lets it add chains. She lets it add bars. She lets it build her a prison. But with what cost? With what cost?

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