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The one about Persephone and The Stockholm syndrome

Ah Persephone, the beautiful goddess of Spring, with a smile as cheerful as the breeze,

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The one about the night and noises


Some nights look like thunderstorms…

You go dancing. You go partying. The noise. The Flashes. The people. The colours. Smiles. Smirks. Neon lights. Shots. Claps. Shouting lyrics…

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– Hey, beautiful! What’s up with those sad looking eyes?

– Heartbreak! – You answer without giving it a second thought.

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The one about roses and boxes

The box of roses you gave me for my birthday has suffered a twisted end.
I forgot to take the lid off and now all eight of them are covered, consumed by mildew.
It hurt a little to see them like that but then it hit me…

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The subzero temperatures

She felt cold. Oh, her little feet were so cold, so blue…they were freezing…slowly…She felt a dancing blue flame surrounding her. Such a cold flame, it was ruthless. It caressed her, lied to her. It seemed welcoming and warm and beautiful and untouchable and mysterious and strong and never-ending and…

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